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P.O. Box 726 Winchester, Massachusetts 01890

The Arthur Griffin Foundation for Winchester was established by renowned photographer and Winchester resident, Arthur Griffin, to provide scholarships for young visual artists and grants to preserve and enhance the beauty of the Winchester Community.

The Foundation has created an archive on its website showcasing awarded grants. In order to build this archive, recipients of the grants are required to document the process from beginning to completion and submit a creative visual media presentation of this work. This presentation will be placed on the AGF website and used to generate news articles and press releases about the project. The archive will provide a valuable educational resource of the work undertaken within the community by the Foundation.

To help facilitate the successful growth of the archive and encourage student involvement in the community, the Foundation has established an internship for Winchester students to carry out the documentation of the grant. This internship will provide students with the opportunity to participate in Community Beautification Grants (CBG) process and to encourage student community involvement. The organization receiving the grant will be responsible for supervising the student intern who is documenting the project and providing any necessary supplies or materials to the student.

AGF Community Beautification Grant Internship

The selected student will document the process of the CBG from the beginning to end and create a visual media interpretive presentation of the process. The final media presentation will be place on the AGF web site, made available to the organization whose project is being documented, and made available for publicity.

The student will work with the recipient of the CBG and the AGF to establish the goals and perimeters of the project through completion. A stipend of up to $500 will be awarded to the student by the Foundation upon successful completion of the project.

To apply, submit to the AGF a description of your qualifications with examples of your work and interests in the CBG process. Once your application is accepted you will be placed on a list for CBG recipient to contact and engage for their grant project.

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