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The Arthur Griffin Foundation for Winchester was established by renowned nationally acclaimed photographer and Winchester resident, Arthur Griffin, to provide scholarships and grants to support the education of young visual artists in pursuit of a professional career in the visual arts and K-12 innovative art programs within the Winchester Public Schools Art Department.

In 2015/2016, PhotoSynthesis XI involved 40 students (20 from Winchester High School and 20 from Boston Arts Academy). Mickey Telemaque from BAA and Robert Gillis from WHS worked closely with students for several months on a lesson plan that requires each student to produce a body of work that reflects an issue or subject that means a great deal to the students. The students from both schools met on 2 different occasions with professional artist mentors Camilo Ramirez and then Marky Kauffmann. The students also met with Alison Nordstrom, Former Curator of Photographs for the George Eastman House to do one-on-one critiques with students and chose the work to be exhibited, during which the finished photographs were curated, and professionally framed to be part of a 100-photograph exhibit at the Griffin Museum of Photography. Each student exhibited approximately four works connected by their chosen issue or subject. The exhibit ran for four/five weeks in the Main Gallery.

The video on-line is of Marky Kauffmann meeting with students. She discussed her path as an artist. Much of Kauffmann’s work has a focus on women. Her latest work discusses body image. She utilizes many types of photography in her work including alternative processes. These processes invite experimentation and augment the creative process.

Camilo Ramirez discussed his process of creating new bodies of work. He lectured also on his photography project called The Gulf.